Jan 18

Facebook Changes Are Good News for Mission-Driven Businesses

By Happy Scribe

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would be making significant changes to its Newfeed algorithm to prioritize meaningful social interactions over content from publishers and businesses is already creating the far too common end-of-all-things hysteria among the company’s two billion users.  Brands and publishers, who ostensibly stand to lose the most from the shift, are making […]

May 02

How to Transform Your Website Into a Champion for Social Good

By Happy Scribe

It isn’t working. You’ve changed the font six times. You’ve made your logo bigger. You’ve plastered your website on Facebook. You told them about the orphans and the poor, huddled masses. You’ve tried to sound more desperate. Professional. “Fleek.”  You’ve thrown dollars and hours at your website and have little impact or profit to show […]